I just finished proofreading the galleys for NEW LEAF, the second book in my new Mystic Creek series, a sequel to SILVER THAW.  Now I’m between books, which, to me, is like being in limbo.  I have a story idea, and I’m eager to sink my teeth into it.  Instead I’m sidetracked with improving my “online presence.”

New Leaf Touch UpNew Leaf_FINAL_stepbackSilver Thaw

When I first began this endeavor, I was slightly mystified by the term “online presence.”  I mean, hello, I was present online.  Or at least I thought I was.

Where did I ever get the idea that being a writer meant just that, being a writer?  I tapped away at my keyboard, believing that all I needed to focus on was producing a good book.  My publisher would handle the promotion and all that other stuff, right?  Well, a publisher does do a certain amount, but in this era of e-readers, the Internet, and social media, a writer is on the spot to do most of it.

Imagine my bewilderment when I received an email from my publishing house with an attachment to all its authors about how important an Amazon Author Page is.  Say what?  I mean, I knew that I had an author page on Amazon, but I had no idea that I was supposed to do anything with it.  So I dutifully got online to do all the stuff this article suggested.  To my dismay, only one of my books was presented on the author page, and when I began adding the multitude of my other books, I discovered that most of them lacked vital information–reviews, book descriptions, and other stuff.  I felt as if I had leaped into a pit of quicksand.  I’m glad no one was around to hear me muttering.

The next curveball the Internet launched at me was having an author page on Goodreads.  I had seen authors on Goodreads being touted as Goodreads authors, but I assumed that, if my books were present at Goodreads, I’d be automatically added as one.  Only, um, I wasn’t!  What the heck?  With a sick husband and a full-time writing career, I didn’t have much time to explore Goodreads.  I checked it out a few times and really liked what I saw, but I didn’t hang out there enough to comprehend what a truly awesome site it is.

Needless to say, I’ve been busy. not to mention being in a perpetual state of amazement at how much online stuff there is that I didn’t even realize existed.  Once I get everything done, I will keep it updated with the release of each new book, which brings me full circle to my opening paragraph, my eagerness to get started on my next novel.  It will feature Ben Sterling, the brother of Jeb and Barney Sterling, and a young woman, Sissy Sue Bentley, who inherited from her aunt a café called The Cauldron.  The plot is sketchy in my mind as yet, but once I can spend time with my characters, it will take on more detail.

I’ll check back in soon.  Until then, maybe we’ll meet up online!



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