Well, I have met and fallen wildly in love with a guy.  In fact, I have fallen so in love with him that he will be featured as the secondary hero in my next release, Mulberry Moon.  His name is Finnegan, Finn for short.  He is very cute, and I believe he has come to love me as much as I have him.

Those of you who know me well are becoming suspicious by now because you realize that I already found the love of my life–of the two-legged variety, anyway.  So you are right to be suspicious!  And you probably guessed it; Finnegan is a dog.  To be more precise, he is an eight-month-old blue merle Australian shepherd.  He is mischievous, active, silly enough to make me laugh, and very sweet.

I tried to get some pictures of him night before last, but he either wouldn’t look my way or he was running, so I hope at least one of them turned out clear.

2016-02-12 20.51.46

Here he is, waiting expectantly for his special dinner while his mom, Tiffany, was away at a school the weekend before last.  I love that face!

2016-02-26 13.23.29

This was a motion shot.  I wasn’t sure if it had come through clearly.  It isn’t bad.  Finn is the epitome of high energy.  He ate his mom’s bog boots, and then he had a few tastes of mine.  Luckily, Tiffany saved mine, and the only damage is a scalloped edge on the top of one boot!  Those boots did not come cheap!  Regardless, I still love him.

So, back to Finnegan’s role in Mulberry Moon.  For one, he is featured as Ben Sterling’s pup, so of course you’ll see a lot of him in Mulberry Moon!  And Finn is destined to fall madly in love with Sissy, the heroine, who owns and operates The Cauldron, a café on West Main in Mystic Creek.  Finn has already shown himself to be of heroic proportions in the chicken chase, where he helps herd the chickens.  So naturally Sissy will reward Finnegan often with yummy treats from her restaurant.

I’m trying to think of ways that Finnegan can show how much he loves Sissy.  I sure could use some ideas from you, sweet or funny, either one.



  1. My lab Bear, will run the fence line when I drive up. Then he goes to the back of the house to make sure that’s safe then he will meet me in the garage as if to say you can get out of the car now everything’s safe. If the neighbors dog is on the fence one Bear will run back to the fence bark at him and run back to me as if to say I told him you were mine and to stay away.


  2. Finn could bring her an abandoned baby animal, one that’s normally not a pet. Possum? Baby hawk or owl? Gekko lizard? Wildcat?
    Or he could raid people’s BBQs and gift her with steaks, hot dogs, etc. I once had a black lab who showed up with an ENTIRE country ham!! I have no idea where he got it, but it was for sure he wasn’t sharing any with us! Every time I’d try to get it (to destroy the evidence!!) he would grab it and walk away! Never did get the ham, and he disposed of the evidence himself!


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