Don’t mind me!  I’m just running an experiment.  Why?  Please don’t ask.  You’ll sound like my son John, saying with raised eyebrows, “What do you think you’re doing, Mom?”  Truth is, I’m having my website remodeled, and I’m trying to see if I could do my letter to friends here, so they can see click on a website button and come to WordPress to read it.


  1. This is for my wife she doesn’t have an email address. She wants to know if any more Mystic Creek will be written? She is homebound most of
    the time and reading is her enjoyment and you are a new aurthor for her and she is thoughly enjoying them. Thank you for giving her the enjoyment of your books.


    1. Please tell your wife that I am delighted that she likes the two books in the Mystic Creek series. The third one, Mulberry Moon, is nearly finished and will be out early in 2017. I plan several more books in this series…the Harrigan series went to ten books, and the Comanche series, four, with possibly another one in the works. Your wife can find a complete list of titles on my website at My personal e-mail address is if she would like to e-mail me.


  2. Several years ago I came across your books and fell in love with your writing. Then when I read every book I could find of yours I thought maybe that was it. I was at the library when I came across one of your books the other day and of course I didn’t know if it was one I read or not. So I thought, well I will check it out anyway. So very glad that I did. This time I was able to find a Facebook page of you, I am currently reading the second book in the series Silver Thaw. I must admit you are my favorite author these books bring me so much happiness the problem is I don’t want the book to end. Thank you so much for giving us these wonderful books to read!

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    1. Thank you for letting me know how much you like my books, Sharon. The third book in the Mystic Creek series, Mulberry Moon, will be out in January. I am so glad you found my Facebook page…we have lots of fun at Catherine Anderson Books.


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